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Even no wind can be fun

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Another great thing about a kite trip to Sardinia is that there is a lot to do and a lot to see for your companions which are not involved in kitesurfing or for you in case of catching a no wind day. If you're an early bird you can even enjoy these other activities in the morning before you kite course or kite session starts as the wind in the summer is thermal one and starts around noon. One of the must sees in our area is beach of Porto Pino and it's surroundings. You can get there by car in 10 minutes, on the bike in 30 but even more cool is to ride to the beach bar on a paddleboard. I bet you enjoy this trip as you avoid the biggest crowd in Porto Pino village and can enjoy swimming on the private beaches which are only reachable on the paddleboard or boat, or in the see almost alone literally behind the corner from the main beach.

The trip takes between 3 and 6 hours depending on how much time you want to relax on the way, how fast you want to paddle and how much do you look forward to the beer or coffee at the beach bar in Porto Pino. We start the trip on Spiaggia di Su Port’e Su Trigu which is about 10 minutes by car from our village. We take you there with the paddleboards just few dozens meters from the starting place on this small beach with azure blue water.

First part of the paddleboard trip to Cala su Turcu is a bit rocky and you can take this one more straight. The next part you can start enjoying the shore, small beaches and crystal clear water lagoons. Don't forget to take a swimming break on the Spiagga dei Francesi and rest on the small cute beaches of Porto Pinetto. Pine groves on the shore, rocks and small sandy beaches are amazing.

Don't forget to stop by in Grotta dei Baci, cave of kisses, either for a kiss or just to have a look on another beautiful spot on the way.

And then it only remains to make it to that bar. We recommend the first white one with lovely chill-out zone.

Look at the gallery to see more pictures from the beginning of the trip.

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