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FlyIt is a Czech kite school offering kiteboarding and snowkiting courses.

Learn kitesurfing in Sardinia or join our beginner snowkiting course in Norway. Rent our new Ozone, F-one, Duotone or Mystic equipment, take a progression lesson with our experience instructors or join one of our kite trips or kitecamps. Enjoy paddleboarding, windfoiling and a lot of fun with us.

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Great kitesurfing school! If you really want to learn kitesurfing this is the right place to go☝️ amazing support from Mari regarding accommodation, flights and transfers and perfect lessons from Michal and his team of tutors😊 we are coming back every year, our whole family and its starting to be a nice tradition!


Super friendly atmosphere, great people, great instructors. Thanks for teaching me! I already know I'll be happy to come back.


Great instructors, perfect learning day with lots of good personalized and experienced advises. The area has plenty of beautiful conditions for riding. Thanks again, will come back asap! 🤩 …

about us

Michal Papír

I've been involved in kiteboarding for more than twelve years. For me, it's not just a sport but a way of life. No matter if it is spring, summer, autumn or winter, you will most likely find me with a kite above my head. I've been full time kite instructor for about ten years now and I've taught to ride on both water and snow hundreds of students. And not only ride, but also trained how to jump or other tricks. I like to make every lesson unique to suit best the students needs. I often teach children and I believe that both me and them enjoy the lessons.



After seeing kitesurfing at the Baltic see I got my first course as a present about 9 years ago. I always came for a course and there was no wind. So it took a bit longer but since I've learned how to ride I loved it and it became my sport #1. Every vacation since that has been a kite trip, then I exchanged office in Prague for a beach office right on the spot. Riding and taking care of the kiting school guests was fun but as I had been a dance teacher for many years, I missed teaching. I learned how from our instructors, took IKO, and enjoy first rides of my students too.


Do you want to join FlyIt for a kitesurfing lesson, snowkiting course, kite trip, do you need a help with your equipment or do you want to contact us just for fun?

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