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Kurzy snowkitingu

snowkiting courses

krušné hory, erzgebirge, ore mountains

Learn how to harness the amazing power of wind and ride with your snowboard or ski wherever you want!

get addicted to  snowkiting or kiteskiing 


Safety first. We teach on the brand new equipment, we are experienced and certified snowkiting and kitesurfing instructors and we know the area of Hardangervidda, its conditions and the weather very well.


We only offer private or semiprivate lessons because we want you to become independent snowkiter and enjoy amazing kitetrips as quickly as possible. We use intercoms to be able to communicate properly with you even when you are further from us. 

with fun

We build a community of people sharing the love for the sport. You can contact us whenever you need help or want to join us for a kitetrip or kitecamp.


In Jauary you can join us for a snowkiting course in the area of Abertamy/Bozi Dar in the Erzgebirge. During February and March we organize snowkiting trips with snowkiting lessons to Hardangervidda, Norway.

get freedom to ride wherever you want  within two days

We strive to teach you how to enjoy snowkiting literally right away. That's why we only offer semiprivate lessons in small groups or private lessons. This offers us to give you one-to-one attention from the very beginning and use the time effectively. Once you start riding we use walkie talkie to stay in touch with you. What you need to learn to become an independent and safe rider?

1st Day  - introduction to  snowkiting & first rides

  • QUICK THEORY BRIEF - The instructor will explain to you the basics you need to know about the wind, weather, spot and equipment selection

  • EQUIPMENT AND KITE SET UP - We will choose together the right 
    equipment and show you how to prepare everything for your session

  • SAFETY SYSTEMS - You will try three safety steps couple times during the lessons. 

  • KITE STEERING - The instructor will explain to you how to use the bar to steer the kite and you will practise this while standing on walking around.

  • LAUNCHING & LANDING - You will learn how to launch and land the kite both as an asistent and as a rider.

  • WIND WINDOW THEORY - a bit more theory necessary for riding

  • FIRST RIDES - whenever you master kite steering you will start with your first short rides or starts

2nd  day - mastering riding & first turns

  • We will go through all the staff from the 1st day and we will encourage you to prepare everything yourself - choose equipment, kite set up, kite steering etc.

  • And then we will spend a lot of time practicing your riding skills - first rides, starts and stops, how to adjust your speed or power in kite while riding, how to go upwind and downwind, turns etc.

  • The time spent on this lesson varies a lot. Generally, the beginning is quicker on skis, especially if you are a good skier. On snowboard it is your experience with other board sports which matters.


how can i practice after the course?

  • When you are able to safely ride by yourself, you can rent our equipment and start riding independently

  • You can take another lesson to practice more or learn advanced staff

  • You can join us for a snowkiting trip to Norway this February and March

  • You can come in the summer to Sardinia to learn and enjoy kitesurfing also on the water.


  • 1 Day Semiprivate Kite Lesson (2-4 students/instructor) - 120 € / 3000 Kč

  • 1 Day Private Kite Lesson - 160 € / 4000 Kč

  • 2 Days Semiprivate Kite Lesson (2-4 students/instructor) - 220 € / 5500 Kč

  • 2 Days Private Kite Lesson - 290 € / 7250 Kč

  • Includes all snowkiting equipment except ski/snowboard, ski or snowboard boots and helmet.

  • Private or semiprivate lesson in 2 students consists of a minimum of 3 hours of tuition on the spot per day. Semiprivate lesson for 3 students lasts minimum of 4 hours, semiprivate lesson for 4 students lasts minimum of 4,5 hours. Basically it is always up to you, we will let you enjoy kiting as long as you don't have enough that day. 

ski or snowboard?

The answer is not one or another, check the points bellow and find what suits you best!


  1. Ski, because they are just easier for the beginner - you can stand and to start riding you only need very small power in a kite to star moving. On snowboard to start riding from sitting position is the trickiest part. 

  2. Snowboard, because you are a snowboarder..

  3. Ski, because you can have smaller kite for your weight than on snowboard.

  4. Snowboard, because you would like to come to learn kitesurfing on the water. 

  5. Skis, because you can always come back walking if the wind drops

  6. Snowboard, if you want to learn jumps or freestyle later - it is much more fun.

  7. Just choose something for now - you can ride both later anyway :-)

Půjčení vyavení

Equipment rental

If you want to join us for a day of kiting after you finish the course, and you need an equipment you can rent it from us. During 1 year after two day kite course we offer you 15% off equipment rental. 

Kite complet

  • kite

  • bar

  • harness



€ 50 / 1250 Kč / day

€ 40 / 1000 Kč / 3 hours

€ 120 / 3000 Kč / 3 days

€ 200 / 5000 Kč / week

  • + skis/snowboard

€ 240 / 6000 Kč / week


  • kite

  • bar


€ 45 / 1125 Kč / day

€ 35 / 875 Kč / 3 hours

€ 100 / 2500 Kč / 3 days

€ 170 / 4250 Kč / week


  • ski/snowboard

  • only limited availability




€ 13 / 325 Kč / day

€ 30 / 750 Kč / 3 days

€ 70 / 1750 Kč / week

after the course

We are happy to stay in touch with you after the course. 

You can always call us or email us for help whenever you need. You can join us for your next kitetrip, ask as to help you choose your right equipment for a discounted price, take an advanced lesson or come to Sardinia to learn kitesurfing on the shallow flat water spot with us. 


You can book one of the rooms in our house in Abertamy or there are a lot of private apartments offered in the area in case you prefer your own. Only if it is allowed by COVID 19 restrictions.

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