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Kite trip to norway

Hardangervidda is a mountain plateau right in the middle of the way from Oslo to Bergen in Norway. Alongside the road we can choose from various spots suitable for both beginners and advanced snowkiters according to the weather, wind and other conditions. There are no trees, no obstacles, just frozen lakes, small hills covered with snow and great wind on the area of hundreds of square kilometers – just the perfect playground which you will never get bored of. 


MARCH:  2.3.-9.3., 9.3. - 16.3., 16.3. - 23.3.2024

where we stay

Ustaoset is a small village with supermarket, train station and cafe about 15 minutes far from the closest spot at Hardangervidda. It also offers an option to go snowkiting right in front of our windows on the lake or above Ustaoset below the table mountain of Hallingskarvet. As the road to Hardangervidda may be closed when the wind or snowfall is too strong, we are happy to have more options for not to miss the day. Both in February and March we will stay in brand new cabin in Solheim resort near Ustaoset. If you want to come with your family or bigger group we can book for you your private apartment in the apartment resort in Ustaoset. All apartments as well as cabin are equipped with kitchen and private bathroom, some are for 2/3 people, some for up to 6 persons. Solheim cabin is cozy Norwegian cabin with two floors, two living rooms, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and sauna. 

Solheim cabin

Ustaoset Apartments

where we snowkite

There are so many options for snowkiting near Ustaoset. Every day we choose the best possible spot for your kite session or kite trips according to the forecast, visibility, wind and other conditions. Usually we drive with our van equipped with heating up to Hardangerdvidda. Alongside the road, which has around 30 kilometers are many parking places with various conditions. If the road is closed we have the option to go riding to the lake right in Ustaoset, bellow the table mountain on the other site of Ustaoset or other places in the valley. After spending 8 winters and one summer in the area, it is literally one of our three homes - we know there almost every rock. 

what else can we do

Ustaoset has perfect location and therefore offers quite some other activities either in the evening or if the conditions are that bad that it is really not chance to go snowkiting anywhere (which is actually very rare...). There are cross country ski trails starting right in Ustaoset, you can go for ski alpineering tour bellow the table mountain or just a small walk for a coffee and Norwegian waffle at Cafe Presttun. About 10 minutes by car is Geilo, small ski center village where you can find empty slopes with perfect conditions, snowparks, flat ski trail for cross country skiing, shops, restaurants, spa with swimming pools and saunas. In Dagali about an hour far from us is another small family ski center where you can enjoy the longest trail for sleddging in Norway. We can offer car rental for you.


Váháš, jestli je kitetrip do Norska taková pecka i pro tebe? Nejspíš tě napadá některá z otázek. Většina z nich se opakuje, proto jsme je sepsali do článku FAQ: snowkiting trip do norska. Mrkni na odpovědi a pokud tady nenajdeš tu, kterou potřebuješ, napiš nám, rádi ti odpovíme a doplníme ji sem i pro ostatní.

what  is the price 

One Week Kite Trip:

€ 660 / person + food € 152 / person

Second Week:

€ 420 / person + food € 152 / person


3 persons in a room - € 540 + food

1 person in a room - € 980 + food

What is included in the price: transfer from/to OSL airport, transports to the kitespots with the van with heating where you can take a break during the day, guiding around the best spots of Hardangervidda – chasing the best conditions, possible guided kite trips (depending on the level of riders), accommodation, breakfasts, food for snack, dinner, great Italian Coffee.

You flight ticket is not included. If you need help to find a connection for you, let us know. Weekly trips are Saturday to Saturday best is to choose a flight which arrive to Oslo Gardermoen around 3 pm or before and leave Oslo around/after 10 the next Saturday. 

Snowkiting beginner lessons or equipment rental is not included too. If you are interested in rentals or lessons, please let us know in advance, we will inform you about prices and save you your spot.

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