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 kiteboarding courses

kitesurfing course

Join our kitesurfing course for beginners to learn safely and effectively how to ride and become independent kiteboarder

Our lessons are private or semiprivate with maximum of two students per instructor. Private lesson lasts of two hours of tuition, semiprivate lasts three hours. Except the very first day when you need to spend the beginning of the lesson on the beach, we only count time spent in the water to the time of your lesson, not the preparation on the beach.


How long does it take to learn kitesurfing? It varies a bit on your experience with other (wind/board) sports, but on average students manage to ride right and left during the third day. Next days we spent with practising riding upwind, learning how to turn and practising your skills to become independent and safe kiteboarder as soon as possible.

Lesson plan:


1. Day   - introduction to kiteboarding

  • You will learn what is important to look for and be careful of when you come on the spot to kitesurf

  • We will explain you the basics about how to choose and use the equipment, we will go through the kite set up and manipulation

  • You will try how to use the safety systems (couple times)

  • You will learn how to steer the bar, start and land the kite as an assistant

  • We will explain to you the wind window theory

  • You will learn how and master steering the kite using one and both hands 

  • You will try to release safety systems on the water and we will guide you through the self rescue

  • You will learn how to start and land the kite as a pilot

2. day  - water starts

  • First of all you will repeat most of the things from the first day

  • You will learn how to relaunch the kite from the water

  • You will practice how to body drag in the water using your kite - downwind, to the side and upwind

  • You need to try the same exercise with the board

  • You will learn how to put on the board in the water and try your first water starts

  • You will practice riding your first dozens of meters to both right and left side

3. next days -  riding upwind and turns

  • Every other day of your kitesurfing course we will encourage you to set up your kite equipment yourself. We strive to teach you how to be an independent and safe kiter as fast as possible. Your instructor will be around to control everything and explain it in more detail if it is needed. We want you to be prepared to solve the situations you can get into yourself 

  • You will practice and master your riding skills to both sides, control your speed while riding and manage to stop whenever you need to 

  • Once you are able to ride upwind you may start to learn sliding turn, jibe or toeaside riding

Private course


one-day course (2 hours) - 130 €

3 day course (6 hours) - 390 €

following lessons (2 hours) - 110 €

semiprivate course


one-day course (3 hours) - 130 € (44€ per hour)

3 day course (9 hours) - 390 € ( 44€/hod/os.)

following lessons (3 hours) - 120 € ( 40€/hod/os.)


kiteboarding lessonS

Do you know how to control the kite and how to ride? And now you want to refresh your skills or take a lesson to learn a new trick? 

Jump is a private lesson for advanced riders. It's better to get a good description and few exact tips within one hour with instructor than to watch youtube for weeks. 

Few tips what you can learn during your private lesson:

  • Ride toeside

  • Sliding transitions, jibe

  • Jumps

  • Jumps with grabs

  • Rotation in jumps - Backroll, Frontroll

  • Kiteloops and how to use them while riding

  • Freestyle unhooked tricks

how much does the course cost?

Private (1 person / instructor)

1 hour 80€ (incl. equipment rental)

1 hour 65€ (using your equipment)

Semiprivate (2 persons / instructor)

1 hour 59€ (incl. equipment rental)

1 hour 44€ (using your equipment)

Group (3 persons / instructor)

1 hour 48 € (incl. equipment rental)

1 hour 33 € (using your equipment)

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