Do you plan to come to Geilo for your Winter Holiday?

How about to try snowkiting or kiteskiing?  

  private or          


  lessons only   

Do you want to learn how to ride your skis or snowboard across the Hardangervidda plateau, uphill and downhill, only using a power of wind? Contact us to schedule your lesson anytime from 1st of February till 15th of March!

As we strive to teach you how to enjoy snowkiting literally right away, we only offer private or semiprivate lessons. Which means that maximum number of students for one instructor is 2. This offers us to give you one-to-one attention from the very beginning and use the time effectively. Bellow you can find what we are about to teach you within first lessons, however the time spent on each lesson is individual.  

* In case of too strong or no wind lessons are canceled or rescheduled to another day when there are appropriate conditions

  • QUICK THEORY BRIEF - The instructor will explain to you the basics you
    need to know about the wind, weather, spot and equipment selection

  • EQUIPMENT AND KITE SET UP - We will choose together the right 
    equipment and show you how to prepare everything for your session

  • SAFETY SYSTEMS - You will try three safety steps couple times during
    the lessons. 

  • KITE STEERING - The instructor will explain to you how to use the bar to
    steer the kite and you will practise this while standing on walkingaround

  • LAUNCHING & LANDING - You will learn how to launch and land the kite
    both as an asistent and as a rider

  • WIND WINDOW THEORY - a bit more theory necessary for riding

  • FIRST RIDES - whenever you master kite steering you will start with your
    first short rides or starts

  • First you will repeat everything from the 1st day and we will encourage
    you to prepare everything yourself - choose equipment, kite set up,
    kite steering etc.

  • And then we will spend a lot of time practicing your riding skills - first
    rides, starts and stops, how to adjust your speed or power in kite while
    riding, how to go upwind and downwind, turns etc.

  • The time spent on this lesson varies a lot. Generally, the beginning is
    quicker on skis, especially if you are a good skier. On snowboard it is your
    experience with other board sports which matters. Of course if you already
    do kitesurfing couple years and now you try snow for the first time, you
    will be quicker. Also snowboarding, wakeboarding, skateboarding or
    landkiting is a good but not necessary experience.​

  • When you are able to safely ride by yourself, you can rent our equipment

  • and start riding independently

  • You can take another lesson to practice more or learn another staff or
    even some tricks - toeside riding, jibe turns or first jumps - believe us, 
    it is much quicker the try it after watching youtube...

  • You can join us for your first short kitetrip, start trying to go uphill or
    donwhill and enjoy much more fun!

  • 1 Day Course / Private Lesson - NOK 1800,-

  • 1 Day Course / Semiprivate Lesson (2 students/instructor) - NOK 1600,- per person

  • 2 Day Course /Private Lesson - NOK 3200,-

  • 2 Day Course /Semiprivate Lessons (2 students/instructor) - NOK 2900,- per person

  • Includes all snowkiting equipment except ski/snowboard and ski or snowboard boots, lesson consists of a minimum of 3 hours of a tuition on the spot/day

1st Day  - introduction to  snowkiting  & first rides

2nd  day - mastering riding & first turns

ski or snowboard?

The answer is not one or another, check the points bellow and find what suits you best!

  1. Ski, because they are just easier for the beginner - you can stand and to start riding you only need very small power in a kite to star moving. On snowboard to start riding from sitting position is the trickiest part. 

  2. Snowboard, because you are a snowboarder..

  3. Ski, because you can have smaller kite for your weight than on snowboard.

  4. Snowboard, because you would like to come to learn kitesurfing on the water. 

  5. Skis, because you can always come back walking if the wind drops

  6. Snowboard, if you want to learn jumps or freestyle later - it is much more fun.

  7. Just choose something for now - you can ride both later anyway :-)

after the course


Equipment rental

If you want to join us for a day of kiting after your lesson and you need and equipment you can rent it from us.

Kite Complet

  • harness

  • kite

  • ski/snowboard


Price: NOK 850 / day

           NOK 3600 / 6 days

Kite +  harness

  • Kite - Ozone size from 5m to 15m

  • harness - Mystic sitting/waist

Price: NOK 750 / day

           NOK 3050 / 6 days


  • Ozone Catalyst velikost 5, 6,5, 8, 11, 13,5m 

  • Ozone Hyperlink 12m

  • Ozone Chrono V3 15m


Price: NOK 700 / day

           NOK 2850 / 6 days


Do you want to join us for more days or a whole week kite trip? You can stay with us in the apartment resort in Ustaoset. Contact us and we will help you choose a nice apartment for you. 

15% off

all lessons/rental